Lot 1

A set of seven beech framed dining chairs

Lot 2

A wooden aircraft propeller

Lot 3

An Amstrad stereo system

Lot 4

A copper and brass bed warming pan

Lot 5

A tapestry of Audrey Hepburn

Lot 6

An autumn sun metal wall art

Lot 7

Two mink coats

Lot 8

A circular bevel glass mirror

Lot 9

A selection of garden pots

Lot 10

A selection of framed and glazed prints and pictures etc

Lot 11

An exercise bike, a step machine and one other exercise machine

Lot 12

A pool table with cues and balls, some assembly required

Lot 13

A carved framed mirror

Lot 14

A selection of framed and glazed prints, pictures etc

Lot 15

Two framed and glazed indentures

Lot 16

A selection of garden pots

Lot 17

Two gilt framed oil on canvas of countryside scene

Lot 18

A selection of framed and glazed prints, pictures etc

Lot 19

A gilt framed oval mirror

Lot 20

A selection of framed and glazed print, pictures etc

Lot 21

A 19th century German oil on board of elderly gentleman

Lot 22

A mid 20th century oak banjo barometer (AF)

Lot 23

A framed and glazed pencil and charcoal drawing of laundry lady

Lot 24

A framed and glazed watercolour of mountain scene signed bottom right

Lot 25

A framed and glazed painting of elderly gentleman signed bottom right

Lot 26

An ebonised aesthetic movement hanging corner wall shelves

Lot 27

A reproduction mahogany twin pedestal desk with tooled leather insert to top

Lot 28

A framed and glazed Helen Bradley print

Lot 29

Two oval framed and glazed possible watercolour of a couple

Lot 30

A mid 20th century oak ash tray stand

Lot 31

A framed and glazed limited edition print 25/40 by Chris Noble

Lot 32

A Georgian mahogany wash stand with bowl and jug

Lot 33

A 19th century elm and beech smokers bow

Lot 34

A framed and glazed possible charcoal drawing of military gentleman

Lot 35

A framed and glazed cricketing print signed Roy Perry

Lot 36

A gilt and green painted framed triple mirror

Lot 37

Seven Eastern plaques

Lot 38

A reproduction mahogany single drawer side table with vitruvian scroll edging to top

Lot 39

An early 20th century walnut Scottish wardrobe with carved Art Nouveau panels flanking…

Lot 40

An Edwardian wall hanging mirror with trinket box

Lot 41

An early 20th century walnut Queen Ann style stool with shell carving to…

Lot 42

A brass and copper bed warming pan

Lot 43

A copper bed warming pan

Lot 44

An early 20th century oak dresser base the top over two drawers above…

Lot 45

A framed and glazed auction advertising poster together with a framed and glazed…

Lot 46

Three gilt framed oil paintings by Tony Malton

Lot 47

An early 20th century Bentwood child's chair

Lot 48

Two gilt framed and glazed possible photographs of man and woman together with…

Lot 49

A manual sewing machine

Lot 50

An early 20th century mahogany bureau the fall front over three long drawers…