Lot 1

Dark woven rattan style balcony set with two chairs and table

Lot 2

Four folding wooden framed deck chairs

Lot 3

A pair of Kingsbury patio folding wooden chairs and another

Lot 4

A stack of seven plastic garden chairs and a garden table

Lot 5

A lawn spiker and lawn spreader

Lot 6

(1) A traffic van door

Lot 7

A large quantity of small plant pots

Lot 8

(7) An outback guess BBQ

Lot 9

Four reclining sun loungers with stripy cushions

Lot 10

A folding garden sun lounger and another mesh garden sun lounger

Lot 11

A small garden firepit

Lot 12

Task Master wash stand

Lot 13

(9) A garden trolley

Lot 14

Three barrel type charcoal BBQ (af)

Lot 15

A Sisis wheeled rake

Lot 16

A quad track 45 engine rotary mower

Lot 17

A petrol engine rotary mower

Lot 18

Quantity of glazed garden pots, various sizes

Lot 19

(12) Part glazed painted door

Lot 20

A sheet of dimpled metal and a pet carrier

Lot 21

A Tesco 98.5cc mower

Lot 22

A petrol engine rotary mower , no box

Lot 23

A petrol engine rotovator

Lot 24

A double ladder

Lot 25

An Allen professional walk over sprayer

Lot 26

A bolt on hitch

Lot 27

A garden lawn spreader

Lot 28

An Earth Way even spread spinner spreader

Lot 29

A Agri-fab rotary walk along spreader

Lot 30

A Nelson walk a long sprinkler and another

Lot 31

A basket of various pots and baskets

Lot 32

A metal ended garden bench

Lot 33

(28) A basket ball hoop

Lot 34

A metal beer barrel converted to plant pots

Lot 35

A enamelled jam pan

Lot 36

Two small RSJ type lintels

Lot 37

A quantity of glazed plant pots

Lot 38

A galvanized metal two door tool cabinet

Lot 39

Two very large lin bins

Lot 40

A set of six Roma folding outdoor garden chairs with mesh backs

Lot 41

Two garden sprinklers on tripod stands

Lot 42

A small set of decorated step ladder

Lot 43

Three wrought iron panels

Lot 44

A metal telescoping ramp

Lot 45

Three reclining sun loungers with blue striped cushions

Lot 46

A set of four mesh back Seville garden chairs

Lot 47

A roof top box

Lot 48

Two various garden tables, two various garden chairs and others

Lot 49

Two blue sun loungers

Lot 50

(31) Fibre glass mould for figure