Lot 500

A pair of white metal ear studs, each set a brilliant cut diamond…

Est £6000- £8000

Lot 501

A late 19th/early 20th century yellow metal heart shaped locket set centrally with…

Est £400- £600

Lot 502

An Edwardian-style 9ct yellow gold brooch of oval openwork form centrally set with…

Est £80- £120

Lot 503

An 18ct white gold fine chainlink necklace suspending a cross shaped pendant set…

Est £200- £300

Lot 504

An 18ct yellow gold tennis-type bracelet, the links alternating between three plain circular…

Est £800- £1200

Lot 505

A single strand continuous cultured pearl necklace, l. 78 cm

Est £50- £80

Lot 506

A pair of 18ct two colour gold ear studs of knot design and…

Est £400- £600

Lot 507

An early 20th century yellow metal brooch in the form of a four-leaf…

Est £100- £150

Lot 508

Spare Lot

Est £150- £200

Lot 509

A double strand continuous cultured pearl bracelet with white metal clasp set baguette…

Est £200- £300

Lot 510

A pair of two colour metal ear studs, each set a single brilliant…

Est £4000- £6000

Lot 511

A late 18th/early 19th portrait miniature on ivory depicting an officer in uniform,…

Est £500- £600

Lot 512

A 22ct yellow gold wedding band, 4.1 gms

Est £80- £120

Lot 513

A yellow metal ring set two rows of opals, 1.9 gms

Est £40- £60

Lot 514

A yellow metal ring set single pearl in a six claw setting, 3…

Est £40- £60

Lot 515

Two 18ct yellow gold signet rings, 7.1 gms

Est £120- £150

Lot 516

An 18ct yellow gold ring set three graduated sapphires interspersed with two small…

Est £60- £100

Lot 517

An 18ct yellow gold ring set five graduated diamonds in a marquise shaped…

Est £80- £120

Lot 518

Three 9ct yellow gold dress rings set diamond, turquoise and jasperware, overall 6.1…

Est £80- £120

Lot 519

An Edwardian 15ct yellow gold bar brooch set amethyst, w. 4.3 cm, 2.2…

Est £30- £40

Lot 520

A late 19th century silver open faced chronograph pocket watch, the white enamelled…

Est £50- £80

Lot 521

A 1977 silver jubilee ingot pendant necklace

Est £30- £40

Lot 522

A 1977 silver jubilee ingot pendant necklace

Est £30- £40

Lot 523

A 9ct yellow gold signet ring set small diamond in a recessed star…

Est £100- £150

Lot 524

Spare Lot

Lot 525

A 9ct yellow gold bar brooch set red coloured stone and seed pearls…

Est £30- £50

Lot 526

An early 20th century part 9ct yellow gold gentleman's wristwatch, the rectangular dial…

Est £60- £80

Lot 527

Two yellow metal signet rings, a yellow metal cameo ring, two dress rings…

Est £120- £150

Lot 528

A mixed parcel of jewellery and collectable's including a florally engraved silver locket,…

Est £60- £80

Lot 529

A silver fruit knife, Sheffield 1911

Est £20- £30

Lot 530

A 9ct yellow gold cased open face pocket watch, the white enamel dial…

Est £250- £300

Lot 531

A 9ct yellow gold Albert watch chain with t-bar and lobster clasp, overall…

Est £450- £550

Lot 532

A white metal ring set three oval pale pink stones interspersed with small…

Est £100- £150

Lot 533

A gentleman's stainless steel cased wristwatch by Omega, the circular dial with baton…

Est £150- £200

Lot 534

A 9ct yellow gold brooch of leaf design, w. 6 cm, 4.3 gms,…

Est £40- £60

Lot 535

Spare Lot

Lot 536

A 9ct yellow gold 'hole in one' brooch set pearl, l. 3.9 cm,…

Est £80- £120

Lot 537

A 19th century plaited hair chain with gold plated mounts, l. 32 cm

Est £40- £60

Lot 538

A mid-20th century beaded necklace comprising Murano-type beads, carved bone beads and others,…

Est £50- £80

Lot 539

A 9ct yellow gold cased open face pocket watch by Rotary, the silvered…

Est £60- £100

Lot 540

Two yellow metal propelling pencils by Mordan and one other (3)

Est £75- £100

Lot 541

A 9ct yellow gold gem set articulated charm in the form of a…

Est £50- £75

Lot 542

A 9ct yellow gold five bar bracelet with heart shaped padlock clasp, 18.7…

Est £220- £250

Lot 543

Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen, a silver brooch of kite shaped form, design…

Est £150- £200

Lot 544

A 9ct yellow gold signet ring and a 9ct yellow gold wedding band,…

Est £50- £80

Lot 545

An 18ct yellow gold ring set single clear stone in an eight claw…

Est £80- £120

Lot 546

An 18ct yellow gold ring set single diamond and two rubies in a…

Est £100- £150

Lot 547

A part 9ct yellow gold bracelet with faceted decoration

Est £20- £30

Lot 548

An 18ct yellow gold and platinum highlighted ring set single diamond in an…

Est £80- £120

Lot 549

A 9ct yellow gold dress ring set small pearls, rubies and diamonds in…

Est £80- £120