Lot 1001

3 small childs bikes

Lot 1002

Nigel Dean 10 speed bike in yellow

Lot 1003

Childs Magna Boom Town bike in silver

Lot 1004

Childs black BMX bike

Lot 1005

Avigo Assault childs bike in blue

Lot 1006

Raleigh 6 speed ladies bike in white and pink

Lot 1007

Professional 15 speed bike in blue

Lot 1008

Hyper Havoc FS 18 speed full suspension bike in white

Lot 1009

TRI Trax 15 speed bike in silver

Lot 1010

Childs scooter

Lot 1011

Girls bike with stabilisers

Lot 1012

Ride on Little Tikes toy and 2 smaller ride on toys

Lot 1013

(1038) Police Notice sign

Lot 1014

(1024) LED flood light

Lot 1015

Craftsman petrol engine chainsaw

Lot 1016

Titan petrol engine hedge trimmer

Lot 1017

Box containing thin brick tiles

Lot 1018

Honda petrol engine EG1500X generator

Lot 1019

3 boat fenders

Lot 1020

Large blue weatherproof bean bag

Lot 1021

Large roll of membrane

Lot 1022

Tray of 6 potted plants

Lot 1023

Tray of 8 potted pelagonias

Lot 1024

Planted Easter basket

Lot 1025

Planted Easter basket

Lot 1026

Planted Easter basket

Lot 1027

Planted Easter basket

Lot 1028

Hyacinth planted cow planter

Lot 1029

Planted green tub

Lot 1030

Planted green tub

Lot 1031

Planted green tub

Lot 1032

Planted daffodil basket

Lot 1033

Planted daffodil basket

Lot 1034

Planted daffodil basket

Lot 1035

Lily in yellow gift basket

Lot 1036

Lily in yellow gift basket

Lot 1037

Lily in yellow gift basket

Lot 1038

Lily in yellow gift basket

Lot 1039

(1041) 2 boxed Keylite roof windows

Lot 1040

Qualcast bent arm petrol engine strimmer and battery powered hedge trimmer

Lot 1041

Boxed gazebo

Lot 1051

Grey painted stable door

Lot 1052

Collection of garden pots, ornaments and paving slabs

Lot 1053

Quantity of wooden framed windows

Lot 1054

3 long lengths of cast iron guttering

Lot 1055

2 wrought iron gates

Lot 1056

Quantity of weed matting

Lot 1057

Tiny chiminea

Lot 1058

Quantity of garden tools and steps

Lot 1059

(1082) Wooden gate