Lot 2001

Ricoh print cartridge & Xerox Fuser R3 module ozone filter

Lot 2002

Sound LAB 3 pod sound to light unit

Lot 2003

3 x Tilting LED plasma wall mounts & Universal sound bar bracket

Lot 2004

2 black premium toner cartridges

Lot 2005

JVC video recorder and remote (af)

Lot 2006

Ricoh printer cartridge

Lot 2007

Large Quantity of loose reading glasses in bag.

Lot 2008

Dash cameras, xeon cpu's , screen protectors, etc.

Lot 2009

Large bag of loose electrical items, adaptors, cables, etc.

Lot 2010

Bluetooth speakers by JVC, Kroots, and Vivitar headphones.

Lot 2011

Bag of mixed electrical items, cables , replacement keyboard, etc.

Lot 2012

Bag of loose IT and other other cabling, HDMI leads, PC mice, etc.

Lot 2013

Mobile phone accessories, cables, docks, earphones, etc.

Lot 2014

Bag of loose remote controls, cabling and IT.

Lot 2015

Aorus X370-gaming K5 AM4 motherboard (NO io shield), GT 1030 2GB graphics card,…

Lot 2016

Power House Golf caddie battery pack and accessories.

Lot 2017

Atari Flashback 6 console boxed.

Lot 2018

3 Wireless camera kit receivers.

Lot 2019

Wifi range extenders, Tp-link and asus routers, etc.

Lot 2020

EE tv box, digital microscope, AHD 1080p transmission kit, etc.

Lot 2021

Bag containing toner cartridges, iPad covers, extension leads and Gear ties

Lot 2022

Bag containing microphone cable, keyboards, Stagg cymbal, Label manager, remote control, headphones etc

Lot 2023

Bag containing 13 laser toner cartridges

Lot 2024

Bag containing drum sticks, lap top cooler, keyboards, cabling, remote controls, toner cartridges…

Lot 2025

Bag containing Recording microphone, Coax cable, iPad covers, toner cartridges, iPhone repair kit…

Lot 2026

Bag containing Sonos music system controller, signed Remo drum head (unverified), VR goggles,…

Lot 2027

Bag containing Monocular telescope, MiHome adapter, sky box, Michael Thomas Learning French etc

Lot 2028

Curved Samsung wireless sound bar and sub woofer with power supply

Lot 2029

LG sound bar and sub woofer no power supply

Lot 2030

Orbit Sound M12 sound bar and subwoofer

Lot 2031

Panasonic sound bar and sub woofer

Lot 2032

Sony wireless sound bar and sub woofer (a/f)

Lot 2033

Bose solo TV sound system series 2

Lot 2034

Panasonic sound base unit SCHTE80

Lot 2035

Epson Workforce WF7610 all in one printer

Lot 2036

2 Epson Expression printers

Lot 2037

HP Office Jet Pro 8615 printer in box

Lot 2038

Canon Pixma IP8750 printer in box

Lot 2039

Epson Expression Premium XP640 printer in box

Lot 2040

Epson Expression Home XP442 printer in box

Lot 2041

HP desk jet 2630 printer in box

Lot 2042

HP Deskjet 3720 printer in box

Lot 2043

Canon Pixma TR8550 printer in box

Lot 2044

Epson Eco Tank ET2600 printer in box

Lot 2045

Epson eco tank ET2500 printer

Lot 2046

2 Brother Business Smart printers

Lot 2047

4 various HP printers (a/f)

Lot 2048

2106 Nintendo 2DS with various games

Lot 2049

Steam game controller

Lot 2050

32GB RAM by Samsung