Lot 1001

Brabantia rotary clothes dryer

Lot 1002

Brabantia rotary clothes dryer

Lot 1003

Leifheit rotary clothes dryer

Lot 1004

Beige coloured parasol

Lot 1005

Johnson Outboards outboard motor

Lot 1006

Stihl MS150TC chainsaw

Lot 1007

Shelf of assorted fishing equipment and bag with fishing contents

Lot 1008

Power Pruner PPT-2400 telescopic lopper

Lot 1009

Small press, pair of steps and large bucket

Lot 1010

Inflating mattress

Lot 1011

Folding camping chair

Lot 1012

Box containing hoses and sprayers

Lot 1013

Intex 3.1m inflatable pool

Lot 1014

Shelf of 4 Hozelock garden hose products

Lot 1015

Hozelock 10m auto reel

Lot 1016

Hozelock Auto Reel

Lot 1017

Hozelock 30m Auto Reel

Lot 1018

Air Cool diesel generator

Lot 1019

Nilfisk C120 electric pressure washer

Lot 1020

Hozelock hose reel

Lot 1021

4 shelves of Pro Elec and other branded boxed and unboxed lighting

Lot 1022

Gardena rake

Lot 1023

Rolly Toys childrens ride on tractor

Lot 1024

Nexgrill portable stainless steel BBQ

Lot 1025

4 Pro Elec boxed lights

Lot 1026

Garden heater

Lot 1027

Small bird house and bird feeders with tall bird feeder

Lot 1028

Large roll of hose

Lot 1029

2 Toolmaster folding sack barrows

Lot 1030

Shelf of approx. 4 LED lit branches

Lot 1031

Pair of telescopic walking sticks

Lot 1032

Jump start cable and bundle of nylon rope

Lot 1033

Draper 12v power pack

Lot 1034

4 in 1 rechargeable jump start kit with tow rope and wiper blade

Lot 1035

Set of Michelin car mats

Lot 1036

Big Max golf bag

Lot 1037

Quad golf trolley

Lot 1038

3 stacks of mostly plastic garden planters and pair of Driv mobility walking…

Lot 1039

Aluminium camping table

Lot 1040

Weber kettle BBQ

Lot 1041

Pair of conservatory bamboo framed chairs

Lot 1042

Broil King BBQ

Lot 1043

Razor battery powered scooter with charger

Lot 1044

(2207) Black Pro Bike mountain bike

Lot 1045

(2209) Grey Stonegreen mountain bike

Lot 1046

(2201) Reid battery operated scooter, no charger

Lot 1047

(2210) Blue and white Apollo childs mountain bike

Lot 1048

Jetson battery powered bike with charger

Lot 1049

(2211) Purple Raleigh youth mountain bike

Lot 1050

Childs pink and childs red bike