Lot 1001

SLW 913E, Rover 2200 TC 4 door saloon, 2.2 petrol, blue First Registered:…

Lot 1002

XWL 963X, Mercedes 230 TE Estate, 2.3 petrol, green First Registered: June 1982,…

Lot 1003

WFL 979X, Rover 2300 5 door hatchback, 2350cc petrol, silver First Registered: 01/07/1982,…

Lot 1004

LEA 44V, Mercedes 280 E 4 door saloon, 2.8 petrol auto, yellow First…

Lot 1005

B78 VST, Ford Granada Ghia Estate, 2.8 petrol auto, blue First Registered: 01/03/1985,…

Lot 1006

XUT 186S, Range Rover, 3000cc diesel, gold First Registered: 15/06/1978, 7 former keepers,…

Lot 1007

2178 NE, Land Rover Series 2, petrol, black/white First Registered: 05/02/1962, 6 former…

Lot 1008

WLU 260G, MG Midget, 1275cc petrol, red First Registered: 14/01/1969, 4 previous keepers,…

Lot 1009

Remote servo for MGB, to suit Ford Escort/ Anglia, etc.

Lot 1010


Lot 1011

Ford 10 horsepower flat top engine, to fit 100 E

Lot 1012

1800cc engine for MGB plus loose components within crate

Lot 1013

Engine no. 12H3503 18B583-H354, to fit MGB

Lot 1014

Rover 2.2L engine no. 598170, to fit 2.2TC

Lot 1015

Land Rover 90 engine with power steering pump, 1985, naturally aspirating

Lot 1016

Mercedes engine no. 153624

Lot 1017

Various car parts incl. fan belt, spark plugs, mirror, etc.

Lot 1018


Lot 1019


Lot 1020


Lot 2001

Beckmeter petrol pump

Lot 2002

3 railway lanterns and paraffin spotlight

Lot 2003

White painted metal garden arch

Lot 2004

Black metal lantern holder

Lot 2005

Black metal lantern holder

Lot 2006

Metropolitan Police No Entry sign on stand

Lot 2007

Heavy duty reclaimed pine prison cell door

Lot 2008

3 vintage fire extinguishers

Lot 2009

Cased split cane fishing rod with creel

Lot 2010

Blue painted horse drawn plough

Lot 2011

Enamelled metal sign advertising Will's Goldflake cigarettes, 915mm x 1530mm

Lot 2012

Ornate wrought iron basket bracket

Lot 2013


Lot 2014

Cast iron Haden Trowbridge stove front piece

Lot 2015

Fire resistant document cabinet

Lot 2016

Pair of cast iron cylindrical weights

Lot 2017

Set of metal platform scales manufactured by E&G Crodery, Romford, Essex

Lot 2018

Pair of metal cart wheels and 1 larger cart wheel framework

Lot 2019

Enamelled metal sign advertising Bottogas, 460mm x 610mm

Lot 2020

Enamelled metal sign advertising W.Tugby Fish and Poultry Salesman, 1015mm x 760mm

Lot 2021

Potato sack lifter

Lot 2022

Pair of metal window frames with wrought iron floral motifs

Lot 2023

Ornate metal plant stand

Lot 2024

Folding canvas military camp bed

Lot 2025

Pair of metal cart wheels

Lot 2026

Cruise Master wiper blades salesman's cart

Lot 2027

Concrete gargoyle

Lot 2028

Early 20th century Hoover vacuum cleaner

Lot 2029

Union Jack Ensign size 2.6m x 1.3m

Lot 2030

Stack of 3 early 20th century luggage cases