Lot 2001

Bag containing headphones, adapters, cables, leads, GPS device, plugs, remotes etc

Lot 2002

Bag containing various smoking accessories; filters, trays, card tips, papers etc

Lot 2003

Bag containing routers, 3D printer filament, Pibee P42U 4-power socket, audio cable

Lot 2004

Bag containing quantity of tablet cases/covers

Lot 2005

Bag containing router, laptop cooling stand, decoy CCTV, 3D printer filament, etc

Lot 2006

Bag containing quantity of laptop covers and cases

Lot 2007

Bag containing HP dock, router, router, Gooseneck holder, etc

Lot 2008

3 pairs of reading and sunglasses to include Bailey Nelson

Lot 2009

2 Mavic Pro batteries, sets of propellers, spare chargers, etc

Lot 2010

Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm 1.2.8L IS USM lens

Lot 2011

Go Extreme Vision 4K action camera with Gorilla tripod mount and stand

Lot 2012

2 DJI Mavic batteries model FB2-3850

Lot 2013

6 boxes of costume jewellery items by Swarovski, Pierre Rucard and Mint for…

Lot 2014

Aftershokz Air bone conduction headphones in box

Lot 2015

Aftershokz Air bone conduction headphones in box

Lot 2016

Aftershokz Air bone conduction headphones (no box)

Lot 2017

Sony WH-H910N wireless noise cancelling headphones

Lot 2018

Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds in box

Lot 2019

Sony SRS-XB12 speaker

Lot 2020

2 UV Nano tone free earbuds by LG (one boxed, one unboxed)

Lot 2021

2 UV Nano tone free earbuds by LG (one boxed, one unboxed)

Lot 2022

Philips noise cancelling headphones 8000 Series with box

Lot 2023

3 PocketJuice portable powerbanks

Lot 2024

Lock Cowboy lockpick set

Lot 2025

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition PlayStation 4 controller with box

Lot 2026

LG Xboom PN7 bluetooth speaker with box

Lot 2027

LG Xboom PN7 bluetooth speaker with box

Lot 2028

MSI PC gaming headset model DS502 in box

Lot 2029

Hive Active heating thermostat control together with a doorbell camera system

Lot 2030

Ring Spotlight Cam battery edition set with box

Lot 2031

NetGear AX1800 wifi 6 router with box

Lot 2032

Sony Extrabass SRS-XB33 bluetooth speaker with box

Lot 2033

Marshall Stockwell bluetooth speaker with box

Lot 2034

Cello 10'' quad core Android tablet with box

Lot 2035

Jabra Elite Active 65T wireless earbuds with charging case and box

Lot 2036

Jabra Elite Active 75T wireless earbuds with box

Lot 2037

2 loose sets of Jabra Active earphones with charging cases

Lot 2038

iPad 6th gen 32gb tablet

Lot 2039

iPad Air 16gb wifi only tablet model A1474

Lot 2040

True POS stand for iPad together with an iPad 6th gen 32gb tablet…

Lot 2041

iPad Mini 4 128gb model A1538 with box

Lot 2042

Apple iPad Mini 16gb wifi only model A1432 (cracked screen)

Lot 2043

Apple iPad 8th gen wifi only 32gb model A2270 with box (smashed screen)

Lot 2044

Apple iPad 8th gen 32gb wifi only model A2270 with box

Lot 2045

Series 6 Apple Watch 40mm with pink sand sport band and box

Lot 2046

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64gb mobile phone in white

Lot 2047

Apple iPhone 7 128gb mobile phone in black

Lot 2048

Apple iPhone 12 64gb model A2403 in black with box

Lot 2049

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Edition 64gb model A2296 in black

Lot 2050

Samsung Galaxy J7 16gb mobile phone