Lot 500

A group of 1980's and later diecast vehicles, mainly boxed, including Corgi, Oxford…

Est £40- £60

Lot 501

A set of five Dinky Toys racing cars including 23H Ferrari, 23G Cooper-Bristol,…

Est £50- £80

Lot 502

A Mamod Stationary Steam Engine together with a boxed Mamod Power Press and…

Est £20- £30

Lot 503

A boxed Wilesco steam roller traction engine

Est £30- £40

Lot 504

A boxed Astra-Pharos electrically illuminated model pier and bandstand together with a boxed…

Est £50- £80

Lot 505

Two boxed Airfix G.M.R. OO gauge 'Castle Class' loco and tenders, together with…

Est £50- £80

Lot 506

A German bisque headed doll by Armand Marseille, No. 900, wearing original clothing

Est £80- £120

Lot 507

A German bisque headed doll, H.H., No. 250, together with a group of…

Est £40- £60

Lot 508

A small bisque headed doll, together with a Rosebud doll and four others…

Est £20- £30

Lot 509

A group of collectable toys including 'The English Interlock Building Blocks', a Tri-ang…

Est £30- £50

Lot 510

A group of boxed Airfix model kits, mainly OO, including cattle wagons, Esso…

Est £60- £80

Lot 511

Two boxed 1930/40's Trix Twin Railway OO gauge sets, together with a quantity…

Est £80- £120

Lot 512

A boxed Airfix Motor Racing set, pattern no. 5000, together with a quantity…

Est £50- £80

Lot 513

A large collection of Sindy items, mainly boxed, including 'Bed and Bedclothes', 'Camping…

Est £80- £120

Lot 514

A collection of Hornby O Gauge tinplate railway items including a loco and…

Est £150- £200

Lot 515

A quantity of playworn diecast vehicles including a Corgi Major Toys articulated horse…

Est £150- £200

Lot 516

An Edwardian miniature parlour croquet set in mahogany case. L. 38 cm. W.…

Est £40- £60

Lot 517

A large quantity of metal soldier figures to include mounted knights, Vikings and…

Est £70- £100

Lot 518

A tin plate clockwork Sutcliffe Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine model complete with original…

Est £40- £60

Lot 519

A boxed Hornby real steam Stephensons rocket steam train complete with additional track…

Est £100- £150

Lot 520

A Mamod SW1 Steam Wagon in green and white with box.

Est £40- £60

Lot 521

A boxed Mamod SL1 steam log loader train set. O gauge, complete with…

Est £100- £150

Lot 522

A Hornby O guage clockwork passenger train set (no.31) in green and red…

Est £40- £60

Lot 523

A Phix remote control space capsule together with a clockwork motorcycle A/F

Est £30- £40

Lot 524

A Tri-Ang Scalextric motor racing set including a Lister Jaguar and a Vanwall,…

Est £40- £60

Lot 525

A group of various porcelain doll parts including including a German head by…

Est £50- £80

Lot 526

A group of playworn diecast vehicles including a Corgi Porsche Carrera, a Dinky…

Est £30- £50

Lot 527

A boxed Mamod T.E.1a traction engine

Est £30- £40

Lot 528

A Hornby Dublo 'Duchess of Montrose' loco with tender, an EDL17 loco, together…

Est £80- £120

Lot 529

A Louis Marx & Co. tinplate tractor, a Triang Tractor No. 2 and…

Est £60- £80

Lot 530

A boxed Schuco Electro Synchromatic 5700 Packard car with tele-steering wheel

Est £40- £60

Lot 531

A boxed 'The Nipper' finger football game

Est £50- £80

Lot 532

A boxed Meccano Outfit No. 3 set

Est £20- £30

Lot 533

A group of one-hundred and six lead farmyard animals, gates and stile, some…

Est £80- £120

Lot 534

A group of Meccano Hornby O gauge tinplate including two locomotives, carriages, track…

Est £50- £80

Lot 535

A boxed Vosper Victory Industries Hillman Minx de luxe Saloon model, 1:18 scale

Est £50- £80

Lot 536

A boxed Mamod S.E.1 Stationary Steam Engine together with a group of Meccano…

Est £40- £60

Lot 537

A group of boxed Dinky Toys vehicles, civil and military, including 107,150,151,152, 154,174,181,…

Est £300- £400

Lot 538

Three boxed Dinky Supertoys including 955 Fire Engine, 963 Heavy Tractor and 982…

Est £60- £80

Lot 539

Three boxed Dinky Supertoys including 651 Centurion Tank, 660 Tank Transporter and 689…

Est £80- £120

Lot 540

Art Enterprise, 2015: five lego figures contained in four presentation cases including Boba…

Est £100- £200

Lot 541

A group of four OO Gauge locomotives, including: Mainline Railways 1CO-CO1 blue, Mainline…

Est £150- £200

Lot 542

A six-section N-gauge track layout including Tetbry Station

Est £50- £80

Lot 543

A palitoy Tippy Tumbles doll in original box

Est £10- £20

Lot 544

A Dinky Vega Major luxury coach 952 in original box with instructions

Est £40- £60

Lot 545

A Japanese battery operated Attacking Martian robot with five big actions in original…

Est £100- £150

Lot 546

A Japanese tin plate clockwork merry ball blower circus car in original box…

Est £20- £30

Lot 547

A Japanese Fairylite moon explorer M-27, tin plate and plastic construction in original…

Est £200- £300

Lot 548

A Techonfix Coney Island 307 with two cars in original cardboard box

Est £40- £60

Lot 549

A Kelikraft ready to fly RAF Hurricane model in original box with instructions,…

Est £25- £35