Lot 1001

Large quantity of approx 3x2 wooden lengths

Lot 1002

Quantity of long 4x2 wooden lengths

Lot 1003

Bi step folding stepladder

Lot 1004

Quantity of metal cross beams for racking

Lot 1005

Garden hoe and spade

Lot 1006

(1095) Outdoor storage box

Lot 1007

6 black mesh garden chairs

Lot 1008

Lake and Elliot bottle jack

Lot 1009

Toro push along lawn mower

Lot 1010

Mountfield push along mower with grass box

Lot 1011

Hayter push along mower with grass box

Lot 1012

Briggs & Stratton push along petrol powered scarifier

Lot 1013

Large cement mixer on stand

Lot 1014

Assorted garden pots

Lot 1015

2 metal wheel ramps

Lot 1016

Vintage reclaimed push along mower

Lot 1017

(1102) Pallet of assorted tool parts

Lot 1018

5 large bags of wooden off cuts

Lot 1019

5 large bags of wooden off cuts

Lot 1020

Rattan suite comprising 2 seater sofa, chair and glass top coffee table

Lot 1021

Wooden rabbit hutch

Lot 1022

(2218) Galvanized garden bin

Lot 1023

(2072) Blue painted metal garden bin

Lot 1024

(1092) Black mesh flat pack garden chair with garden hammock and folding camp…

Lot 1025

(1114) Quantity of motorized Allen Scythe parts

Lot 1026

(2219) 2 galvanized poultry feeders

Lot 1027

Pallet of various concrete ornaments and planters

Lot 1028

2 decorative fibre glass urn planters

Lot 1029

Quantity of large metal beams

Lot 1030

Roll of fake grass

Lot 1031

Stainless steel outdoor patio heater with glass tube

Lot 1032

Box of work gloves

Lot 1033

Box of work gloves

Lot 1034

Bag of solar post lights

Lot 1035

(2008) Black wrought iron wall trough

Lot 1036

Set of 3 garden lights

Lot 1037

Quantity of black hanging basket brackets with 2 bird decoration hanging basket brackets

Lot 1038

Black self watering globe set

Lot 1039

Glow Globe LED outdoor light

Lot 1040

4 Sunforce solar wall lights

Lot 1041

Boxed set of LED vintage string light sets (14.6m)

Lot 1042

Boxed set of LED vintage string light sets (14.6m)

Lot 1043

Boxed set of LED vintage string light sets (14.6m)

Lot 1044

Boxed Campchef 2 burner stove

Lot 1045

Core 12 person straight wall cabinet tent

Lot 1046

Bosch Advance Aqua Tech 140 electric pressure washer

Lot 1047

4 boxes of wooden coat racks

Lot 1048

Tub of Ronseal 1 coat timber care (dark oak)

Lot 1049

Quantity of tarpaulins

Lot 1050

Pro Elec LED work light with large V-Tac LED flood light and black…