Selling at Auction

Five steps to selling an item

1. Check if your item is suitable for auction

We sell a huge variety of items in our weekly auctions. Popular items at the moment include jewellery and watches, garage tools and equipment, coins and medals, timber and building supplies, retail products and stock, plumbing supplies, vintage toys and collectables.

In order to comply with current regulations and to maintain the quality of our sales, there are certain items which we cannot accept for sale. These include soft furnishings which do not have a current fire label, certain exercise and safety equipment, cots and prams, and items constructed of ivory.

If you would like advice or a valuation prior to consigning your items for sale, please contact the relevant department with photographs. For smaller items, we hold regular valuation days.

We often deal with clients who have large stocks of items they wish to sell. In order to sell their assets most effectively, we hold timed online auctions at their business premises. If you think this would be the most suitable option for you, then please get in touch with our commercial department.

  1. 2. Arrange delivery

Entries are accepted every week at the following times:

Bedford Auction Centre
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30am – 5pm

St Neots Auction Centre
Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.30am – 5pm

Leamington Spa Auction Centre
Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm

It’s important to speak to one of the saleroom staff before you start unloading, as they can assist with valuation advice, unloading, completion of entry forms and any other questions.  We do reserve the right to refuse lots which are un-saleable or unsuitable for auction.

If you are unable to deliver goods yourself, we have our own fleet of vehicles and are happy to help.

  1. 3. Registration

If you haven’t bought or sold with us in the past, then you will need to register at reception. This requires some proof of address (e.g. a driving license or a utility bill. Please note that a passport is not a proof of address) and there is a one-off registration charge of £5.

In return you will receive a permanent bidder’s card which can be used for buying and selling at our auction centres in Bedford, St Neots and Leamington Spa.

Download our registration forms here.

  1. 4. Complete an Entry Form and label your lots

Each saleroom has a simple entry form which will need completing, this includes your client details, basic information about the lots consigned and reserves. Please note that reserves are only accepted at the discretion of the saleroom staff. Remember to tick your desired payment option at the bottom of the form.

Download entry forms here.

Once you have completed your paperwork, it is important to ensure that your items are clearly labelled with your client reference number. Failure to do this will lead to problems obtaining payment for your goods following the sale.

  1. 5. Collect Payment

Once your items have been paid for, you are welcome to collect the sale proceeds. Please note that for Antique and Specialist Sales the proceeds cannot be collected on the sale day itself.

Payment can be collected in the following ways:

  • Cash from reception (Bedford and St Neots offices only).
    Please remember to bring photo ID with you.
  • Cheques. These are normally posted to you the following week.
  • BACS Transfer. If you would like the funds transferred to your account, then you will need to complete a request form and leave it with our reception team. Unfortunately, we cannot take bank details via email or over the phone.